Research Proposal Writing Service

A research proposal is a very frequent challenge today. It's a prerequisite to be accepted for higher doctorate or to get a research grant. A research proposal represents a comprehensive program of the intended studies. Which are the fundamentals for a common research proposal? Let's start with the point that a perfect research proposal now constitutes a successful dissertation in perspective. It should contain the chapters mentioned below:

  • review of the intended research;
  • review of literature;
  • background experience;
  • goals and objectives;
  • research description;
  • schedule;
  • bibliography;
  • appendices (if any).

A cover sheet of a research proposal contains some personal information (full name, date of birth, contacts), timeline (real time to finish the research) plus the subject matter (short and clear). In a brief review an author should state data pointing to the value of performing research. A primary focus in this chapter of each research proposal is on topical issues and needs. While working on literature, refer to the most significant scientific papers. Completing the research proposal an author has to demonstrate that he/she isn't ignorant of the background experience. So, one can describe what have already been done. Next section of a research proposal is goals and objectives. Try to list all purposes to be achieved, making a case for them. A research proposal involves a sound description of the milestones, methods and techniques being the basic part of the whole work. As for the schedule, an author should accurately define the research duration. Use the tabular form in a research proposal for convenience. Then, bibliography is a full list of sources used for the research. And appendices of a research proposal contain CV, recommendations, references etc.

A research proposal allows identifying competence of a post-graduate, whether he or she knows the theoretical aspects and previous studies on the problem. Or, if an author is able to plan and carry out a research. And a thorough research proposal demonstrates the proofs that a post-graduate could add some novelty in scientific world. Methodological tools, deadlines and methods are justified in a research proposal. Consequently, a research proposal is a great input in the future. Order a research proposal on our site, and your expectations will be satisfied.

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